Support our community Huichol

Since we are a Nonprofit Civil Association, no one at all in this association receives a salary or any type of compensation.   The people who are part of the association, have a specific job and contribute with what they can to this service for life.  Nevertheless, there are still a lot of native indigenous people that need help. 

We are not a part of any political group or any private company.  We don’t have financial aid.  Every donated peso is a peso that goes entirely to Dulce Camino, A.C. to cover the native indigenous needs.   
The shelter is open around the clock.  Whoever wants to come and meet and talk to the native indigenous people to hear from them about their needs and about their teachings is welcome to do so. 
Help and contributions from donors has never been enough because as time goes by there are more little native indigenous brothers and sisters that need help from us and enter the shelter.
Nobody is denied any help.
We live mostly from contributions coming from the members of the organization and sometimes from people that help us sometimes.  Some other people donate services for the cure and care of the ill, as it is the case of some doctors.  Sometimes “Hospital Civil” of Guadalajara gives support.  There are no intermediary roles in the organization.  
The people who form this organization are committed by heart to helping Dulce Camino out of respect and gratefulness for life itself. 
Our main purpose is to be a link of service between people wanting to help and our community, through resources applied to their needs. 
We are an organization who has integrity and who is pure and transparent with no half-truths. 
You are always welcome to come and know what is being done with every peso you donate. 
We look forward, with a vibrating loving heart, to your involvement with this beautiful and noble cause. 
We understand that the healing begins in us and that as a consequence we can share it with the rest of the world, since we are convinced that through offering our service to humanity we heal ourselves and all of our relations.
It is an honor to be able to contribute to Dulce Camino A.C. and a true blessing, since by helping others we help ourselves because we are one.
You are all invited to participate the way you can; if not with money, we’ll be very grateful for your physical labor and support.
Any kind of help will be always welcome.

God bless you.



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